About Us

Our Values

Beneath our very specialist approach to M&A, there are five core values at the heart of how we work at Boxington – and how we partner with our clients and potential clients. These are described below.

1. Confidentiality & Discretion

We believe in the imperatives of confidentiality & discretion for our clients and their businesses. Through our size and sector knowledge, we are able to offer higher levels of these than our competitors. Read more here.

2. High Standards

We take a lot of pride in our work and maintain the highest of standards possible in everything we do and say. It’s another reason why we like being specialists.

3. Listening

We listen hard to our clients and their objectives, views, hopes and fears. We find that the more we listen, the more we deliver for them.

4. Responsiveness

Whenever our clients need to speak to us, we aim to be there for them. We don’t have the bureaucracy of our larger competitors slowing us down.

5. Loyalty

We are resolutely loyal to our clients, their objectives, and their exits. Our client-loyalty is never compromised as we never work for buyers.