Respected for our Confidentiality & Discretion

Boxington has developed a particular reputation for its standards of confidentiality and discretion (compared to often weak confidentiality from many advisors). We understand the vital importance of confidentiality and discretion to our clients, and have earned our reputation in the following ways, many of which result from our specialist approach.

  • We have the sector insights to know which buyers not to approach on any given deal. This is important to confidentiality because uninterested buyers are the least confidential with information about a deal as they have nothing at stake.
  • We know with decision-makers at the very highest level of buyer companies in our specialist sector, principally their CEO, Chairman and CTO. Advisors without our relationships have discussions at lower divisional levels where confidentiality is inevitably less secure.
  • We never leak information to buyers to curry favour with them as many buy-and-sell-side advisors do. We only work on the sell-side and so never work for or take fees from buyers.
  • We never outsource our clients’ deals to overseas associates who don’t know our clients, or their businesses, or the Human Capital services sector. We don’t need to – we’ve developed our own superior direct relationships with buyers internationally.
  • We don’t have the tax, audit or other departments like multi-service professional services firms between which deal rumours often leak first followed by out into the market.
  • We’re different to multi-sector M&A advisors who will often move on to new sectors once they’ve burnt their reputation for confidentiality in another. We’re here to stay in the Human Capital sector and so we guard our reputation in it for confidentiality closely.