International Coverage

We know more Human Capital services buyers and investors internationally than anyone else

Success in modern M&A is often determined by superior buyer coverage and information about buyers.

We operate internationally across the Human Capital services sector, covering buyers in the UK, Europe, US, and Asia Pacific as well as emerging regions including India, South America and MENA. We do so directly and independently, never through overseas associates that multi-sector M&A advisors rely on.

We know more buyers and investors in our sector than anyone else.

In this way, we know more buyers and investors for Human Capital services businesses than anyone else – both those already inside the sector and those seeking to enter it from outside.

And because we are Human Capital services specialists, we are able to focus on staying in close contact with these buyers , which means we’re often the first to know about their latest M&A strategies, giving our clients first-mover advantage.

We’re often the first to know about buyers’ latest M&A strategies.

Or, where shareholder objectives are more than just highest price, we have a unique Human Capital specific coverage of Private Equity investors, who we have already pre-qualified as being interested in our sector.