I Want to Prepare for an Exit

ValuePathTM: Building a business that buyers value

You’re interested in exiting your business at some point in the future.

In an increasingly competitive M&A market, it’s more important than ever to prepare your business to make it attractive to buyers.

Exit preparation advice designed exclusively for the Human Capital sector

ValuePathTM is exit preparation advice designed exclusively for businesses in the Human Capital sector.

This makes it the only one of its kind.

Critically and uniquely, ValuePathTM is able to assess businesses from the perspective of Human Capital sector buyers. We’re able to do this because, as M&A sector specialists, we have an unrivalled understanding of these buyers and their specific acquisition preferences.

This knowledge enables us to make tangible, accurate recommendations of improvements, to increase exit attractiveness and value, across five key dimensions;

1. Strategy

2. Financials

3. Operations & People

4. Corporate & Shareholders

5. Cosmetics

Supplementary ValuePathTM advice may include advice on exit options, exit timing, valuation, and buyer research.