I’m Ready To Exit

Maximising sale value and certainty

You’ve decided that you’re ready to exit. As a shareholder, there are many options, issues and pitfalls to navigate. This is where we can offer uniquely sector specialist advice and guidance, helping you sell your business for maximum value and with maximum certainty.

We know significantly more buyers and investors of Human Capital services companies than anyone else.

Firstly, we know significantly more buyers and investors of Human Capital services companies than anyone else. This coverage increases the probability of us finding the very best strategic buyers (i.e. those who pay the most), and without missing any. By comparison, our competitors’ deals often fail because they do not know enough buyers in our sector.

We also have relationships and regular dialogues with the CEOs, Chairmen, and CTOs of these buyers companies, meaning we often have inside tracks on what they most want and value in our sector. This allows us to position businesses to them in a way that increases valuation.

We often have inside tracks on what buyers most want and value in our sector.

And because we are exit only advisors, we are free from any conflicts of interest. We never work for, nor ever take fees from buyers.

It also means that exit advisory work is 100% of our time, making us experts in negotiating maximum price, terms and deal structure, and in managing bidders through due diligence. For almost all our competitors, exit advice is only a fraction of their services.