I’ve Received An Approach

Managing an approach from a buyer skillfully

It’s easy to be distracted, even flattered, by an unsolicited approach from a potential buyer. But you only sell your business once and it’s crucial to get it right.

We can help you make sense of an approach and take control of the situation.

We can help you make sense of any approach received and take control of the situation. One first step is to assess the intentions and financial strength of the company making the approach, not least so that time-wasters are avoided. We have the sector knowledge and contacts to do this quickly, discreetly, and accurately.

It’s also important to increase the competitive tension on a bidder. There may be other potential buyers who would pay more too. Our unrivalled coverage of Human Capital services buyers internationally means that we can quickly introduce alternative bidders, and in a way that preserves the goodwill of your original buyer.

And if a formal offer results, we’ll help you assess if it meets your objectives; for example, is this the right time for you to sell the business at the offered price? It may be worth more in the future; but then, do the benefits of deferring a sale outweigh the risks? Are there ways to make the business more valuable in the future?

Drawing on our deep sector knowledge and exit experience, we can help ensure your exit decision-making is informed, clear and confident.