Sector Specialists

Uniquely dedicated to Human Capital Services

Boxington specialises in the Human Capital sector of companies with services and technologies that attract, supply, develop or manage talent and workforces.

We remain the only M&A advisory house globally that specialises in the Human Capital sector – we live and breathe our sector, which our clients value.

The Human Capital services sector consolidates a number of sub-sectors whose capabilities are increasingly interconnected and internationally delivered. See below.

The consolidation of the Human Capital sector is underway and will continue in the long-term, attracting new entrants from outside the sector, and generating attractive M&A opportunities for company owners.

Recruitment & Resourcing

Accessing human capital, talent and skills for companies

HR Outsourcing

Client-embedded management of human resource services

Talent Consulting

Project delivery of talent services and advice

Training & Education

Developing skills, capabilities, employability and careers

Change Management

Adapting workforces and processes for competitiveness

Communication & Engagement

Optimising relationships with employees, candidates and customers

Employee Well‑being

Enhancing performance through care of workforces

Rewards & Compensation

Optimising incentives and retention for employees and customers

Sector Map